Rex's Friend's Rotating Mice Toy

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Rex’s Friends’ Fun and Interactive Cat Toy with Electric Mouse
Rex knows how to have a good time. Fortunately, so do all of his cat friends—and this fun and interactive cat toy with an electric mouse is a big reason! Because Rex’s cat friends are all curious and intelligent pets, they need a challenging, realistic, and interactive cat toy to keep them engaged and having fun all day.
The mouse is powered by electricity, so it can run in circles at different speeds all day long, giving your cat the fun game of trying to catch it in its tracks. This Rex’s Friends’ Rotating Mice Toy interactive cat toy allows cats to train and improve their coordination skills as well.
  • HOURS OF FUN - Because the mouse is electric-powered, this toy can run for hours, keeping your cat having fun far longer than an ordinary cat toy.
  • CHALLENGING DESIGN - Cats are curious and intelligent pets. When they play, they want to feel challenged—otherwise, you lose their attention. This interactive cat toy is specially designed to keep your cat challenged and engaged.
  • MULTIPLE SPEED SETTINGS - Older cat? Younger cat? Speed up or slow down the automatic electric mouse to increase or decrease the challenge for your cat.


  • 1 x  Rex’s Favorite Doggie Overalls

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