Rex's Delicious Care Spray

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Just Spray It
Rex gives us a lot of kisses, but we wouldn’t let him if it weren’t for his delicious pet oral spray. This pet oral spray for both dogs and cats is perfect for freshening breath while simultaneously cleaning teeth—and that means leaving behind a plaque-free mouth.
The best part about this pet oral spray is that we no longer have to work hard to try brushing Rex’s teeth—something neither of us ever enjoyed. This pet oral spray is a non-invasive way to quickly and easily freshen his breath. And because it’s a delicious flavor, Rex enjoys it also!
Now, when we get a tongue in the face, we know it is going to a pleasant experience!
  • EASY TO USE - Simply lift up your pet’s mouth, aim, and spray! This pet oral spray could not be easier to use—and it means avoiding these pesky and difficult pet toothbrushes.
  • DELICIOUS -  Finding a product that effectively cleans and freshens breath while also being delicious to our Rex was a major challenge. But this product checks every box!
  • CLEANS & FRESHENS - Keeps teeth clean? Check. Freshens breath? Check. Leaves teeth plaque-free? Check!
  • 1 Rex's Delicious Care Spray 
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