Rex’s Feline Friends Wireless Remote Toy

$17.99 $35.98
Wireless Remote Cat Toy for All the Cats in Rex’s Life
Few things amuse Rex more than lying down and watching his cat friends chase around an electric, remote control toy. They seem to have a ton of fun doing it! This new remote control mouse cat toy is the perfect gift for that cat in your life. Coming in gray, black, and brown, your cat will love the challenge of chasing these mice around the house or patio. The wireless capability is what makes this remote control mouse cat toy such an amazing product.
With a 24-foot signal radius, you can be all the way across the room controlling it. Your cat will have no idea! They can lock into the game and take on the challenge of chasing down and pouncing on the new fake mouse in the house.
  • WIRELESS - This remote control mouse cat toy is fully wireless, so your cat won’t even know you are controlling it!
  • INTERACTIVE - When your cat sees this remote control mouse cat toy, he or she will pounce! It is designed to look like a real mouse, so your cat will chase it all over the house.
  •  MULTIPLE MODES - With a strong 24-foot signal, you can play with this toy both inside the house and outside. It also moves in multiple directions, keeping your cat on its toes.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Choose between gray, black, or brown—three realistic color choices for real mice.
  • 1 X Rex’s Feline Friends Wireless Remote Toy
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